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soulmate_claim's Journal

Claim a Soulmate
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the rules...because there has to be some.

1. One soulmate per user. Once a soulmate is claimed, they cannot be claimed by another member. (unless it has been given up - see #2)

2. You have to be a member of the community to claim a soulmate. Join, post your claim in the community journal and you have it. pretty simple. In order to keep the soulmate you've claimed, you must remain a member of the community. Once you leave, your soulmate is up for grabs.

3. Anyone can be claimed as a soulmate. Music, television, movies, sports, cartoons, other LJ users - anyone!

4. Please, please, please...no advertising. If an ad is placed, it will be deleted. Please dont make me break out into douchebag mode. I hate that.

5. If you change your LJ username, please let me know so your soulmate can be claimed to your new name.

Did I mention no advertising?

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